Asset Based Lending - Get Cash Against Your Asset with Rates Starting at 4%

Bluebell International now offers asset based loans. We are able to loan up to 125% LTV on virtually any type of asset such as; raw land, mines, air rights, gold, silver, diamonds, art, oils wells, and precious metals. We can lend from $100 Million and up! 

Our experienced team of in-house underwriters and highly experienced lending specialists will help you navigate the process of borrowing against your asset. We pride ourselves in offering creative financing tailor made to fit your particular financial situation. 

Benefits of Bluebell's Asset Based Lending Program

  • Rates Starting at 4%
  • We offer funding from $100 Million and up.
  • Loan can be converted into a permanent, long-term loan.
  • Interest only during construction.
  • Non-Recourse
  • Interest paid only on the amount drawn.
  • Working capital and interest reserve included in the loan.
  • Range of rate options tailored to fit your financial circumstances.
  • On-site inspections to monitor construction progress.